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Handmade Stringed Instruments for Traditional Music

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Players and Videos

Who plays Tobin Instruments

Manus Lunny, Capercaillie: LB Bouzouki and Semi Acoustic bouzouki
John Ryan: LB Bouzouki and Standard Bouzouki
The late Davy Steel, Battlefield Band: Standard Bouzouki
Steve Byrne, Malinky: Standard Bouzouki
Fernando Barrosso, Assembly Point: Large Body Bouzouki
Ed Boyd, Flook, Lunasa: 10 String Large Body Bouzouki
Jose Liz de Cea, Riobo: Standard Bouzouki
Ross Ainslie, Salsa Celtica: 10 string Cittern
Russ Davidson: Standard Bouzouki, Large Body Bouzouki
Benji Kirkpatrick, Bellowhead, Faustus: Standard Bouzouki, Large Body Bouzouki, Solid Body Bouzouki
Quico Comesaña, Berrogüetto: Standard Bouzouki
Pancho Alvarez, Carlos Nunez Band: Standard Bouzouki
Pat O'Reilly: Standard Bouzouki
Karl Nesbitt: Standard Bouzouki
Dominique Riviere: LB Bouzouki
Jean Pierre Sieczkarek: Octave Mandola, Mandolin
Andy Morgan: Cittern, Large Body Bouzouki
Paul McKenna, The Paul McKenna Band: Standard Bouzouki

....and many more