Now that we all seem to be over the worst of the pandemic, and things are starting to get back to normal, Benji Kirkpatrick came over to the workshop for a socially distanced visit and to bring his electric bouzouki over for a few tweaks. This instrument has done a fair bit of work since I built it for him back in 2013, so it needed a bit of work on the frets and a general MOT. He also wanted me to fit an extra pickup. This would be a new Seymour Duncan Hot Rail fitted in the middle between the two existing SD pickups. So it’s out with the router and templates and the soldering iron. There’s quite a lot going on inside this instrument as it also has a custom Headway HE4 bridge saddle pickup installed so getting all of the wires through to the right places was a wee bit of a headache! We didn’t want to alter the number of volume and tone controls so the bridge and middle pickup have been wired together in series, so they effectively become one pickup.

Benji’s coming by in the next week or so with his amplifier to collect it and give it a good test – I’d better warn the neighbours!!!