The Bouzouki (or Irish Bouzouki) is an incredibly versatile instrument and is available in a number of variations. I build the instrument with two different body sizes giving characteristics that best suit the needs of today’s musician.

Both the Small Body Bouzouki (the SBB) and the Large Body Bouzouki (the LBB) have a scale length of 65cm as standard and are usually tuned GDAD or GDAE.

Another variation is the Octave Mandolin. Also built with either body size it has a slightly shorter scale length of 58cm making it better suited to melody playing.

I also build a 36cm scale length Mandolin. 

All instruments can be customised in any way. For instance, you may prefer a slightly different scale length, neck dimension or profile. 

And for something completely different, I also build Solid Body Electric Bouzoukis. These instruments are completely bespoke, so you can let your imagination go a wee bit wild! 

Just give me a call on +44 1544 239292 or email me at to arrange a visit. I’d be very happy to chat about anything you have in mind.

For more information about Tobin Instruments, click on the pictures below.

SBB – Small Body Bouzouki

SBOM – Small Body Octave Mandolin

LBB – Large Body Bouzouki

LBOM – Large Body Octave Mandolin


Solid Body Electic Bouzouki