Solid Body Electric Bouzouki

For those of you who prefer to have something different, why not go for a Solid Body Electric Bouzouki? These are truly bespoke instruments and can be fitted with a huge array of active or passive pickups.

Electric Bouzoukis although being great fun, are serious instruments and sound fantastic. I like to use Seymour Duncan Hot Rail pickups. These pickups are Strat size but are twin coil like a humbucker but with the coils stacked. They sound absolutely amazing, really powerful with an incredibly full and rich tone and as they’re rail pickups instead of having individual pole pieces, the wider string spacing on a Bouzouki isn’t an issue. You can also have a Headway HE4 pickup fitted into the bridge saddle going to a separate output. This allows for a truly acoustic sound to the instrument, giving you many more tonal combinations.

You also have a huge variety of woods to choose from, giving the instrument a truly custom appearance. In the photos here there are instruments with tops made from figured Mahogany, Flame Maple and Zebrano.

As they’re so unique, solid body electric bouzouki prices will vary with the specification. Please give me a call on +44 1544 239292 or email me at to discuss what you’re after.